“If you want to dance, dance what matters
dance honestly,
dance the pain and the joy
the darkness and the light
If you want justice, equality, peace, dance for it
without stopping, without giving up.”
-Daria Halprin

We work with youth from grades k-12, using arts education as a medium to explore themes of environmental and social justice, trauma resolution, diversity, culture, personal life goals and visions, while creating a container of support for the youth in imagining the kind of world they want to live in. We lead the youth through a series of workshops to prepare them to participate in their own Planetary Dance peace run ritual. This can include different grade levels at one school and or be an opportunity to bring multiple schools and youth centers together.. The Planetary Dance becomes a celebration of community empowerment and invites families and friends of the youth to attend a Health & Equity fair after the Planetary Dance which helps to ground the experience in actionable next steps towards strengthening communities. The Health & Equity fair will be organized based upon the needs of the community and the local resources and wrap around services that exist within the given community.