We collaborate with organizations and communities in North and South America.

Some of our partners include the following:


Tamalpa Institute

Tamalpa Institute, founded in 1978, offers training programs and workshops in the Life/Art Process, a movement-based expressive arts approach that integrates movement/dance, visual arts, performance techniques and therapeutic practices. This approach supports personal, interpersonal and social transformation, teaching new models for health, psychology, art and communication.

For nearly four decades, the students, faculty, and graduates of the Tamalpa Institute have brought the healing power of creative expression to diverse, less affluent communities, throughout the world. Tamalpa Artcorps continues to be our most important collaborator and support, to continue bringing the Planetary Dance to diverse schools and communities in the West Coast. 

Anna Halprin 

Anna Halprin is the creator of Planetary Dance. Since the late 1930s Anna Halprin has been creating revolutionary directions for dance, inspiring artists in all fields. Defying traditional notions of dance, Anna has extended its boundaries to address social issues, build community, foster both physical and emotional healing, and connect people to nature.